Friday, May 14, 2010

comment on a Colleague's work #2

This is in response to "Texas Polities...Deep in the Heart of Texas" about what's with the Tea Party. The blogger did not know much about the Tea Party. It sound like the blogger see the Tea Party as a noisy groups conservative but angry with both Republican and Democrats. As answer to the blogger I would like to write briefly about the Tea Party. The name "Tea Party"is reference to the protest taxation without representation. The letters TEA have been used by some protesters to form the backronym "Tax enough already". Reaction to the Tea Parties include counter_protests expressing support government the Obama administration. The Tea Party was fundraising success nearby $2.7 millions with formally filed with the Federal Election Commission in October to change its name to "our country deserve better PAC"a power players in the Tea Party and beyond airing hundreds of thousand of dollars in media supporting Republican campaigns such as Scott Brown's successful special election for senate in Massachusetts and blasting Democratic one such as senate majority leader Reid's re-election bid in Nevada. Tea Party can get million fans before any other political party.
Todd Staples the 11th Texas Commissioner of Agriculture serving as a Keynote speaker at the El Paso Tea Party was an honor for him. It made him proud to stand together with many of his fellow Texans who are committed to smaller government and constitutional principles. Todd Staples said:"The Tea Party does share with Republicans is a desire to bring real accountability to all levels of government. The Tea Party recognized that it is out of control government spending and out of control government power".

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bringing Public Eyes in Justice

There are a lot of violence cases still happening everyday. Husband is controlling his wife and children and abuse them. Recording to the police report of year 2006 there are 86,000 families violence incident in the Texas state. I would like to bring this Texas law apply to strangulation perpetrated by a family or household member “Intentionally or recklessly or threaten someone single assault, or class A misdemeanor punishable by not more than 1 year in a county jail and fine $4,000. However, prosecutors can pump it up to a third degree felony 2 to 10 years in Texas prison and fine not more than $10,000. If assault with a weapon/aggravated assault causing injury or using weapons is second degree felony reason and fine up to $10,000. Texas is the 11th state to pass a specific strangulation law. I think this new Texas law upgrade strangulation battering from misdemeanor to felony is an important message for everyone. It is a powerful guidance and motivation for abusers.

On september 01, 2009 House Bill 2066 the Act was charge a class A misdemeanor went into effect that increase potential penalties 2 to 10 years in Texas prison and up to 10,000 dollars. Under the Texas penal code, intimate partner strangulation by applying pressure to the persons throat or neck or by blocking the person nose or mouth (VTCA penal code 22.01(b)(2)(B). A child abuse is also a barbaric actions. I hate the abusers, do you? Children and women who are victims of incidents that is not only have personal injuries, but also their emotional and mental damage affecting the rest of their lives.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


On my classmate blog Revolution, Evolution, or Revelation, the article “Cops, Criminals, and Lobsters”. Michael Armatino asked the question: “What happens when you are the individual accused of a crime by an officer and labeled a criminal and wrongfully arrested?” As I know , if you have been wrongfully arrested you may be entitled to compensation for the damage. You may need to sue for false imprisonment, excessive force. The citizens of the U.S. Are protected from wrongful arrest by the fourth and fourteen amendments to the Constitution. The fourth amendment states that, “No warrants shall issues, but upon probable cause, suspected by oath or affirmation.” The fourteen amendments state that: “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

I think Michael make a good point that not only the police or justice is sometime fail on their job but also there are gaps in between our judicial system and law enforcement officials and that's very issue in the comments of how we are going to fix it. The more we trusted the laws, the more we disappointed.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kill the Bill

Barack Obama's healthcare bill was passed by Congress on March 22, 2010. Thousand of protestors gathered outside Congress at that weekend was shouted “Kill the Bill”, some was shouted “Faggot” at Democratic Congressman Barney Frank. Why did they angry? Because this new law is over tax increase, represents an unconstitutional attempt to abide, drive up costs increase the Texas budget deficit, against individual right of free choice and self determination.

First, the new law increase the medicare payroll tax on employee wages and salaries from 1.5 to 2.35% on earnings. Starting in 2014, the law require Americans who continuous go without coverage will have to pay penalty to IRS, fine base on income and family size. A person making 45,000 would pay extra $ 1,125.00 taxes. Upper income taxpayers will be increase 15 to 20% next years then 23.8% rate for later.

Why anyone in Texas would say “no” to healthcare reform? The measure that healthcare reform will cost Texas billions of dollars. Tom Sueh's estimate that reform will cost Texas $ 27 billions over 10 years. Texas Republicans is filing a lawsuit that says reform violates the U.S. Constitution and Unconstitutionally infringes upon Texans individual liberties. Texas is bigger which is larger percentage of uninsured adults and children. Can you imagine the medical academic would gear up for the rising need for primary care doctors. Is it doctors waiting room already crowed enough? Maybe we have to make appointments 6 months ahead to see doctors. Moreover, people already have healthcare coverage would drop their health plans and apply with the help of government subsided healthcare.

Last, health insurance is to expensive to force people to buy it. We think America is a freedom country. We have the right to make the decisions for ourself but Obama healthcare bill would compulsory. There are people who believe in acupuncture treatment and herb medicine with no side effect. For the individual right of free choice those people who do not like to buy insurance. Should we repeal the healthcare reform?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Texas Education

I read this blog about the governor involved in the State Board of Education which was interesting called “” by Paulburka in theBurka Blog. Paulburka claimed that Rick Perry was deleting a list of historical figures which had inspired political change. The Texas State Board of Education led Rick Perry's appointee voted to remove Thomas Jefferson (The third president of the United State,the author of the Declaration of Independent)from social studies textbook standards.

I will give Paulburka a credit for being correct about one thing: The idea that politicians can change or deleted the history of nation that illustrated the American idea of it is right of the people to alter or abolish a government. Paulburka said Republican politicians had a little problem which was not good politics for a general election in November.

Paulburka evidentiary supported Democrats. He believed that Bill White could make successfully decisions on the issue of the State Board of Education. He encouraged Bill White to run a TV spot to introduce the idea to the public and to promise no term limit as well as asking the Legislature to pass a constitutional amendment as a governor.

In conclusion,Paulburka also thinks Perry should tell Gail Lowe asSBOE Chairman to instruct the conservative to cool it, to get Thomas Jefferson back in the standards and to throw Jefferson Davis and Joe McCarthy under the bus. In order to get SBOE off the front pages of national news.

Paulburka's idea sounds very logical but is it effective to the Politicians?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Government Corruption

I found the article"Is Gov. Rick Perry a hypocrite?" by Jim Dunnam in the Austin American Statesman news commentary.
Jim Dunnam was talking about Gov. Rick Perry's spending of $14 billion in federal money after President Barack Obama signed the Economic Stimulus Bill. He also said Gov. Rick Perry will spend $500 million in unemployment funds in the next six months which is a result of a $1.6 billion shortfall in Federal Unemployment Trust Fund.
Futhermore, he pointed out that Gov. Rick Perry does not help Texas schools, but more schools are in danger of losing Federal Funds. Perry also refused the program for school compete for Federal "Race to the Top". He quotes "Keep your money. We Texans are not having you tell us what to do." But the truth is he signed Will Texas accept $65 billion in Federal Funds. That is not right we should be encouraging people to go to school not making itfinancially difficult. Accepting school funding would make school more affordable.
I agree with Jim Dunnam's one point that sometimes the governor and his campaign are care more about advancing his political career than for Texas. Their financial decisions that only benefit their party. Citizens are working hard to pay taxes in contrast, the governor is good at promoting big budgets and running deficit spending money for embracing and abandoning corruption of government. The politics make a big buck from the very air we breath. Moreover, not only Gov. Rick Perry is helping the President to corrupt America, but also Republican and Democrat leaders point fingers to each other to harm America. It should be bipartisan plan that allows both parties to reach out to each other across the aisle of the legislature. Both should jointly construct policies that will increase jobs, improve education, lower taxes, regulate business and ease immigration problems.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Battled of Texas Education

On February 12, 2010, the Austin Chronicle news featured an article "Reclaiming Education: Hoping for Sanity at the SBOE " by Lee Nicols.” For the last few years there has been a battle over the Texas Education curriculum standards. The Democrats and Republicans have battled over particulars such as English language, literature and social studies. They have also battled over trivial issues such as evolution vs. creation which has made the State Board of Education somewhat of a force.

On The State Board, there are 15 members consisting of three moderate Republicans five Democrats, seven members of religious and political fundamentalists.

There are four Democrats and three Republicans running for seats on the State Board of Education. All clearly have their own individual views of educational process.

This article is worth reading because it informs the people on the topics of which the candidates believe are important in curriculum standards. Perhaps people are able to choose a candidate according to their own thought or beliefs on education.